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Standard of Honor book cover
Past Works

Dream of Eagles – Book I – The Skystone book cover
Dream of Eagles – Book I – The Skystone
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Publius Varrus is a veteran Roman officer and a maker of swords. In the early fifth century, amid the violent struggles between the people of Britain and the invading Saxons, Picts and Scots, he and his former general, Caius Britannicus, forge the government and military system that will become known as the Round Table, and initiate a chain of events that will lead to the coronation of the High King we know today as Arthur.

Dream of Eagles – Book II – The Singing Sword book coverDream of Eagles – Book II – The Singing Sword 9780140170498

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It is 395 A.D., and as the Roman armies withdraw from Britain, anarchy threatens the colony that will one day be known as Camelot. Creating their own army and joining with the Celtic people of King Ullic Pendragon, the colonists emerge as a new breed of Britons, ready to forge the government that will be the Round Table and its Knights and to prepare the groundwork for the future coronation of Arthur, first High King of Britain.


Dream of Eagles – Book III – The Eagles’ Brood book coverDream of Eagles – Book III – The Eagles’ Brood 9780140170481
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Uther Pendragon, the man who will father the legendary Arthur, is the cousin Merlyn has known and loved since their births—four hours apart on the same day, the year the legions left Britain. In a world torn apart by warfare and upheaval, each is the other’s certainty until a vicious crime—one that strikes at the roots of Merlyn’s own life—drives a wedge between them. 

Dream of Eagles – Book IV – The Saxon Shore book coverDream of Eagles – Book IV – The Saxon Shore9780140170474

Book Information

The orphaned baby Arthur—heir to the Colony of Camulod and born with both Roman heritage and the royal blood of the Hibernian Scots and the Celtic Welsh—has been adopted by his cousin Caius Merlyn Britannicus. Merlyn is the keeper of Excalibur, the wondrous sword crafted by his great-uncle Publius Varrus. It is Merlyn’s laborious responsibility to see that the young Arthur survives the deadly threats to this destiny—threats that arise from the bloody Saxon shore.

Dream of Eagles – Book V, Vol. I – The Sorceror: The Fort at Rivers Bend book coverDream of Eagles – Book V, Vol. I – The Sorceror: The Fort at Rivers Bend 9780140254679

Book Information

Threats against young Arthur’s life have forced Merlyn and the boy to leave Camulod, settling in an abandoned Roman fort, where they are safe from political intrigue. Enlisting help from a close-knit group of friends, Merlyn teaches the young King about warfare, justice, honour and the responsibilities of leadership in preparation to wield the sword Excalibur.

Dream of Eagles – Book V, Vol. II – The Sorceror: Metamorphosis book coverDream of Eagles – Book V, Vol. II – The Sorceror: Metamorphosis 9780140270266

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Peter Ironhair’s ambitions are once again threatening peace in Britain, and soon Merlyn and Arthur must ride into battle to defend their land from both Ironhair and invaders from across the sea. Spurred on by a hunger for vengeance that will only be satisfied by the death of his enemies, Merlyn begins his metamorphosis into the Sorcerer, enlisting perhaps the only force that can bring down Ironhair and his allies once and for all.

The Eagle book coverThe Eagle – 9780143051640

Book Information

The Eagle is the dramatic conclusion of bestselling author Jack Whyte’s four-generation epic of the rise and fall of Arthur Pendragon, High King of All Britain. Clothar, the young Frankish knight known as The Lancer, returns to his homeland in Gaul as Arthur’s ambassador. From there, while forging overseas alliances on Arthur’s behalf, he watches as Arthur and Merlyn struggle to unify the clans and peoples of Britain and re-establish the rule of law.

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